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Cabinet refinishing transforms your kitchen in a major way. We take pride in the innovative way that we do cabinets and the clean feeling that it will bring to your kitchen.

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Do You Need Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting In Mesquite?

We’re Mesquite’s Best Cabinet Painting Company!

Professional kitchen cabinet painting is a great way to give your cabinets a fresh look without incurring the expense of a complete remodel.

At Kryptex Painting, we offer professional kitchen cabinet painting to homeowners looking to upgrade their space with an affordable and durable option. With professional knowledge, we can provide precision and accuracy with our workmanship.

We only use the best quality paints and primers available today. The products we use provide long-lasting protection against fading, discoloration, and even moisture damage. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction as we work efficiently from beginning to end.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

Professional kitchen cabinet painting requires more than just a few cans of paint and some brushes. First, the surfaces must be prepared appropriately to ensure that the new finish adheres to the material thoroughly and evenly. The preparation involves deep cleaning grease or oils, sanding, patching any cracks or holes in the cabinet structure, and spot priming if necessary before painting.

People ask us if they have to remove everything from the cabinets before we paint, and the answer is no! We cover all the openings with paper and tape to keep the paint from entering the cabinets. Next, we create a spray barrier in the kitchen (or any other room you choose with cabinets).

The spray barrier is created to separate our workspace from the rest of your home and prevent dust and dirt from entering. We then disassemble and remove all the hardware from the cabinets and set it aside.

Next, we sand, degrease, apply extreme bond primer, and spray all cabinet doors and drawers on site to prevent damage. We then use two coats of Emerald Urethane Satin, and when dry, we reassemble and put everything back together. Finally, we replace the bumpers for your cabinets.

Benefits Of Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Professional kitchen cabinet painting benefits are considerable, providing homeowners with a modern, stylish look without the cost of replacing their existing cabinets. Hiring professionals like us ensures a high-quality finish which is resistant to wear and tear and offers a seal against moisture and humidity.

With the wide variety of finishes available, from gloss to satin to flat paint, there are endless possibilities for customizing cabinetry and transforming your kitchen or bathroom. Professional kitchen cabinet painting can drastically enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Why You Should Hire

The Pros To Do It

Attempting to paint your kitchen cabinets can be arduous, costly, and highly time-consuming. You will need to do cleaning, light sanding, priming, and multiple coats of paint with appropriate drying times in between each coat. You will also need additional specialized supplies such as respirators and drop cloths. Painting your kitchen cabinets yourself is more likely going to yield undesirable results.

Our painters have access to industrial-grade equipment and use professional-grade products with guarantees of a hassle-free, high-quality finish that does not easily scratch or dent. Our team can accomplish the job more efficiently and accurately so you can enjoy your newly updated space much sooner.

Hiring us to paint your kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to ensure quality work is being done. A professional painter can provide better coverage and a longer-lasting finish. Still, we also have the experience necessary to select the right tools and techniques for your kitchen’s specific needs.

We use higher-quality paints and primers. Additionally, we can help find the perfect color scheme for your space, saving you time in the trial-and-error process that DIY attempts often require. Letting pros like us handle this job is also convenient and stress-free.

We can take care of all aspects of the project, from preparing the surface area to setting up new hardware when we are finished painting. Check out this article from Premier Cabinet Painting And Refinishing on the 7 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Cabinet Painters Is a Smart Move.

Let’s Get Your Cabinets Painted Today!

If you’re in Mesquite, Nevada, or any of the surrounding areas and looking to update the aesthetic of your kitchen or any cabinet in your home, we can help! You can totally improve the look and feel of your area by having your cabinets professionally painted.

Our professional painters have years of experience in cabinet painting, providing fast and efficient services with high-quality results. We use only the best materials to ensure durability and a long-lasting finish. In addition to quality products, our team also takes necessary precautions to ensure that your cabinets are protected during the painting process.

Call us at (801) 503-6740 for an obligation-free quote and discover how we can help give your kitchen or home’s cabinets a fresh look.

Product And Color Guide For Cabinet Repaints

When selecting paint for your home’s cabinets, it is important to consider quality. Professional grade paints contain high levels of pigmentation, binders, and resins to provide superior coverage, long-term performance, and durability.

In addition, most professional-grade paints are formulated to resist fading and mildew. It’s also beneficial to look for low, or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints rated as less-toxic options that provide better indoor air quality.

Although better quality paints can be more expensive than lower grades, it is worth spending more to get the best possible paint for your home. You can view, download, or print our Product And Color Guide For Cabinet Repaints by clicking on the link below.

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