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Need New Construction Painting In Mesquite?

We are a new construction painting company in Mesquite that understands the importance of having your new construction painted the first time perfectly. When you hire our experienced painting professionals to take on your project, you can be sure that only the highest quality materials will be used. Our team takes great care in delivering an immaculate finish with long-lasting results. Thanks to our drive for excellence, we’ve built a reputation amongst our clients as one of Mesquite’s best residential painting services.

When considering a new construction painting company in Mesquite, it is important to choose a professional and experienced painting contractor who can provide quality results. We have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and experience to meet the requirements of your project, including seasoned crews that are quick, efficient, and reliable.

Additionally, we can work within your budget and deadlines while offering superior customer service. We take the time necessary to ensure you get great value for your money and an outstanding finished product.

The Painting Process Is Important

Our painting process is an essential component of any professional job, as it contributes to the overall aesthetic and durability of the end product. Taking the time to prepare a surface or area for painting properly is essential, with techniques such as sanding and priming used to create a smooth base layer and rectify any imperfections.

After this preparatory step has been completed, selecting the right paint and tools can help guarantee a high-quality, long-lasting finish. Properly mixing colors, applying techniques such as brush strokes or spraying, and understanding drying times are all critical considerations when executing a successful painting project – all of which ultimately contribute to the success of the final outcome.

The Benefits Of Hiring A New Construction

Painting Company In Mesquite.

Hiring a reputable new construction painting company like ours can significantly assist any construction project. Not only do they provide premium products and services, but they also offer other benefits such as quality assurance, superior craftsmanship, and on-time completion.

They have the necessary tools and expertise to ensure your new building looks precisely how you want it to look. Additionally, working with a team of professionals gives you peace of mind that experienced individuals with modern techniques for superior quality outcomes are handling your job.

New construction painting companies are also more likely to use high-grade materials specifically designed for industrial atmospheres, which can increase durability significantly. Finally, their knowledge ensures that the entire process is managed correctly from start to finish, reducing the potential for costly delays or frustrations along the way. Check out Alpine Building Maintenance & Supply’s article on the 4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painting Company.

We Take Down Doors And Mask Off Hinges.

When a painting project involves doors, our professionals remove them and mask off their hinges before beginning their work. By removing the doors from their frames and sanding them flat, our painters can ensure even coverage of primer and paint for an impeccable finish.

An experienced team of painters understands that masking off the hinges of each door is an essential step in this process. Masking helps to prevent overspray from collecting on any exposed hardware and gives a neat, quality result overall.

Our commitment to excellence means that we always handle projects with precision and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring long-lasting results you can be proud of.











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New Construction

Our New Construction Painting Process

We want to ensure that it’s done right when we paint a house for the first time. We take tremendous pride in our prep work. We understand the value of having clean caulk beads, filled and sanded putty holes, smooth trim and doors, and, most importantly, straight, clean, and crisp paint lines!

We begin with puttying all nail holes and then sweep and blow out the house to remove whatever sawdust and drywall dust that is sitting under the baseboards and in electrical boxes. We dust all surfaces and begin masking windows and caulking all corners of trim, baseboards, and closets. We apply primer by sprayer.

Next, we spray our ceilings (if it’s a 3-tone and the ceilings are different from the wall color). We then sand all the walls, trim, and closets and check the trim to see if any leftover putty holes and caulk spots need to be refilled. The house is swept again, and then two coats of finish semi-gloss are applied to all trim, doors, closets, and whatever is going on that specific color.

The following day we mask off ceilings and all sprayed trim and doors. We check the walls for any dents or dings in the walls, do one more final sweep, and then begin spraying the wall color while backrolling. We do a walkthrough and touch up any spots that may have been left and do this before scheduling our final touch-up.

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If you are looking for a professional new construction painting company in Mesquite that specializes in new construction projects, look no further. Our highly experienced and certified painters team can provide you with the highest quality service to finish your space with a perfect paint job inside and out.

We have extensive experience working with new buildings and can customize our services to fit your needs. From interior walls to exterior buildings, we do it all!


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