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Epoxy Floors

Concrete coating adds a layer of protection and increases the life of your concrete flooring. This service will elevate your space and and give it new life by adding dimension and design.

Concrete Coating Company In Mesquite

What Is Concrete Coating?

Do you need a concrete coating company in Mesquite? If so, we can help! Concrete coating is a multi-step process that seeks to improve concrete surfaces’ longevity and durability. It involves the application of a primer or basecoat along with a topcoat, often containing an aggregate such as sand or pebbles for traction.

The concrete coating provides long-lasting protection from various elements, including acids and other chemicals, heat, wear and tear, water, and UV light. Furthermore, its glossy finish enhances the appearance and makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Concrete coatings such as epoxy or staining can be used on decks, patios, garages, retail locations, warehouses – virtually any concrete surface exposed to harsh elements or high passenger traffic.

What Does A Concrete Coating Company Do?

Our concrete coating company provides specialized surface maintenance and protection services for concrete structures and surfaces of all kinds. At Kryptex Painting, expertise covers a range of services, such as sealing or waterproofing, surface grinding, and polishing, shot blasting, and concrete repairs.

Our concrete coating services are designed to protect the underlying structure from environmental degradation, improve its aesthetic appeal, increase its resistance to wear and tear, and extend its overall lifespan.

Furthermore, we offer custom consultation services where we work closely with clients to identify the most effective treatment approach to reduce costs while maximizing results.

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Concrete Coatings


New Construction

Meticulous, Efficient, Preparation

Several steps must be taken to prepare a concrete surface for epoxy coating properly. We first pressure wash, degrease, and acid etch if it’s a preexisting concrete surface. Etching should occur with a concrete cleaner or muriatic acid solution to roughen the surface and create a strong bond between the concrete and epoxy coating.

Finally, any remaining dust particles should be removed via vacuuming, ensuring no contaminants interfere with the epoxy application. Additionally, we will diamond grind the surface if required.

After these steps are completed, then the epoxy coating can successfully adhere to the concrete surface for improved aesthetic appeal, increased durability, and enhanced protection from weather and other sources of wear and tear.

Epoxy Floor Services

Our epoxy floor services are an excellent choice for professional anad industrial environments due to the epoxy floor’s durability and hardwearing nature. To ensure the highest quality, epoxy floors must be finished using a flake system.

The flake system consists of broadcasted chips completely melted into the basecoat. The next day we apply at least two layers of clear coats, forming a protective sealant. Our multi-step approach protects against scratches and provides an impermeable membrane that will resist oil, chemicals, and staining. Ultimately, this process offers a highly durable floor that looks great and can withstand heavy traffic easily.

Concrete Staining Services

Concrete staining effectively improves a surface’s aesthetic while protecting it from wear and tear. This technique has grown rapidly in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to enhance any concrete surface, from patios and walkways to outdoor staircases and driveways.

Moreover, not only does staining make surfaces visually appealing, but it also improves their hardness. To successfully stain concrete, our professionals thoroughly clean the surface before mixing various shades of oxide pigments with a penetrating sealer that creates unique shades and designs.

Depending on the type of concrete used and its desired finish, our experts can decide whether an acid or water-based penetrating colorant should be used. Ultimately, as long as the process is carried out correctly with attention to detail, we can quickly achieve stunning results without breaking the bank.

Can I Use Epoxy For My Pool Deck?

Epoxy is not suitable for pool decks as the surface must be sufficiently porous enough to allow adequate water absorption. With epoxy, moisture typically causes blistering and delamination, which can cause long-term structural damage.

Furthermore, epoxy does not offer protection from UV rays, which can cause fading and discoloration of the area. Staining a pool deck provides a more durable surface designed to withstand regular use and offers greater protection against weathering and fading due to extended sun exposure. Our pool deck staining services will leave your pool deck looking amazing! Check out this article from Floor Shield Of Florida on 3 REASONS TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL CONCRETE COATINGS COMPANY.

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