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Team Kryptex

Joshua Tyrrell

Owner of Kryptex Painting

I grew up in Salt Lake City and began my painting journey when I was 15 years old with my next-door neighbor, who owned a painting company (Specialty Painting, Inc). I learned all the basics regarding new construction and worked my way up to doing many of his big custom jobs.

I came to the crossroads of “Do I want to work here for the rest of my life, start my own painting company, or pursue my passion (which was golf at the time)?

I chose golf and came down to Mesquite, NV, where I was the assistant professional at Wolf Creek Golf Club for seven years. I did a lot of side jobs, and those kept getting more frequent and increasing in size. I finally recognized that painting was my calling and jumped head first into starting the painting company in January 2020.

We remained busy right through the heart of COVID and have been busy ever since. I saw a need in Mesquite and felt I could fill that void and bring the quality that Mesquite was searching for.

Painting brings fulfillment to me because I enjoy seeing transformations. I enjoy challenges, learning new tricks, and continuing my education. I see every project as if it was my own and want to give it the attention and eye they deserve. When I’m not painting, I enjoy golfing, spending time with my wife and two daughters, and making new relationships and lasting friendships.


Administrative assistant, payroll, invoices, estimates, and social media marketing.

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn. I love my family. I have two boys and one little girl. I love teaching Upbeat Barre and spending time with my family and friends. I’ve been enjoying meditation and mindset-changing exercises in my free time.

Being organized is key to my job to keep things on point for the company, and I take pride in keeping things in order. I love fashion and all the bright colors and bling.


Main Foreman

Jacobs is certified with the PCA Painting Contractor’s Association for interior and exterior levels 1, 2, and 3. Jacobs has been with us the longest!

My name is Jacob! I have good communication skills and an extremely excellent work ethic. I always take pride in my work to ensure the customer is satisfied. When I am not working, I love to play golf!


Handyman, drywall expert, electrical and plumbing.

Travis is certified with the PCA Painting Contractor’s Association for interior and exterior levels 1, 2, & 3.”I enjoy working with my hands and being presented with a challenge.

I like to underpromise and over-deliver in my work, remaining humble while striving for excellence. Off the job, I enjoy working on my home with my wife and son and golfing with friends and family.”


Painter At Kryptex

I am a father of a family and a painter who makes rugs with designs in his free time. I have a lot of painting experience and am very fast and efficient while working.


Painter At Kryptex

Bo joined Kryptex Painting this year and has brought invaluable talent and character to our company. He was in the Coast Guard and values serving his country. He enjoys spending time with his family and son and has been great friends with Jacob and Travis.



Painter At Kryptex

My name is Isaac Aquino; I enjoy being a part of the process that delivers quality and professional results for every client. I enjoy my time by myself and with my friends and family. I have a burning desire to serve everyone to the best of my ability and to leave your home painted beautifully.


Painter At Kryptex

Francisco joined our team this year and has helped finish one of our biggest projects. He is dedicated, reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile to make any project look its best.

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